As Metro Councilor, I want to help our community. In the decade I’ve lived in the district, I’ve made a career out of getting government working for us.  At the state, county, and city level, I’ve focused on helping working families, being smart about our land use decisions, and keeping our infrastructure working.

I’m not a politician, but I know how government works.  Metro has real challenges ahead in the next few years. I’ve worked to design and implement local infrastructure projects from the ground up.  I have the expertise to make sure we protect taxpayers, ensure proper use of funds, and involve you from the beginning so we have community support from Day 1!

Metro’s issues are what I care about.  Fixing our traffic problems, ensuring our communities are smartly planned with input from YOU, and making sure we all have a safe place to call home.  I’ll be here to get the job done and you can count on that.

Here are some issues I'll be working on:


  • transportation solutions that make sense

Transportation infrastructure improvements are vital in order to reduce congestion and improve safety. Metro must continue to lead conversations about transit investments and road improvements.  District 2 needs our fair share of additional investment in roads and highways, but also in sidewalks and transit.  I have worked on these issues at the state and local levels, and I will be a strong advocate for the communities in District 2.


  • safe and affordable housing

Ensuring safe and accessible housing is also a top concern.  Metro must commit to leading on housing so that cities can plan for all levels of affordability.  Families across the region should share in the benefits of living here regardless of their neighborhood, zip code, race, gender, age, or ability.   My experience with local planning will help our cities design solutions to the region’s affordability crisis. 



Metro’s Urban Growth Boundary is unique in the country and has helped shape the region’s character. The UGB’s expansion should be deliberate, driven by data and community input. When looking at any proposal to expand, I will be looking for data that demonstrates need as well as a plan that includes connectivity to urban services, transportation, and livability. Finally, we must continue to protect our most valuable farm and forestlands to protect our family farmers and agricultural industries.


  • Parks and Natural Areas

Parks and natural areas provide clean water for fish and habitat for wildlife.  I will work to ensure that Metro’s community grant funds reach historically underserved parts of our region.


  • Growing Jobs and Local Businesses

Economic success should mean all of our neighborhood businesses thrive, not just downtown Portland!  I will focus on helping working families get ahead.  It is vital that Metro make a point of listening to community leaders, employers, and working families to understand the employment needs in our region and how decisions are affecting opportunities for families and local businesses.  The right plan for our region is one that allows these opportunities to grow in all of our communities.



With the challenges facing the US recycling market, we must be innovative with our approach to waste reduction. Before it comes to recycling, consumers in the region need easier choices to reduce and reuse, particularly when it comes to plastic. Metro has a role to play investing in local businesses and organizations working to reduce waste and recycle in the region. This is an opportunity to create jobs and foster economic opportunity while taking responsibility for our waste footprint.


  • Maintaining Trust in Our Public Officials

I have lived on both sides of the river in District 2, and understand that all our communities are different.  I am committed to listening to individuals, businesses, and organizations in each city.