Metro is the Portland area's regional government, serving over 1.5 million people in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties.  Since 1979, Metro has been charged with coordinating planning and policy among the region's local governments in order to preserve our quality of life and make the very best use of our communities.  Metro maintains the tri-county Urban Growth Boundary and works with local governments to ensure a 20-year supply of buildable land.  In addition to coordinating land use and transportation planning, Metro also:

  • Protects clean water, restores fish and wildlife habitat, and connects people to nature across 17,000 acres of parks, trails and natural areas,
  • Manages the garbage and recycling system and is a resource for information about safe disposal and ways to reduce waste,
  • Runs venues such as the Oregon Convention Center, Portland Expo Center, and the Oregon Zoo,

Metro is also the only directly elected regional government and planning entity in the United States.  This means that Metro councilors answer to us, the voters. 

If you live in Metro, you are served by one of 6 district councilors as well as a Council President who is elected by the entire Metro region.